April 17, 2024


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Question Property Owners Need to Ask Roofing Contractors before Hiring

10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Commercial Roofing Contractors Before  Signing Off On A Project - TEMA Roofing Services

If you are looking for a roofing contractor to hire, then there is a good chance that you want to do a one-time job. Roofing is not a fun task to do twice because the process can quickly take tons of valuable time, hard-earned money, and energy. The cost of replacing the roof the wrong way is pretty high; what more if you do it again.  It is one of the most expensive jobs when doing a remodeling project. 

With that being said, we can agree that as property owners, people need to do everything in their power to ensure that the contractor they hire when they first replace their roof has tons of experience doing roofing repairs under their belt. The most effective way to do this is by doing a lot of research during the roofing estimate and hiring process. 

The goal of this article is to make the necessary estimate and research process a lot easier for property owners because considering the high cost of replacing the roof the wrong way, doing it again because the first time does not solve the problem can pose a danger to the people living in the house. 

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Not only that, property owners will spend more on the second repair because they need to factor in the increase in the prices of the materials, as well as the cost of the real damage that will lead them to the second-roofing project in the first place. The easiest way to avoid these problems is to take a lot of time preparing for getting the first estimates. It sounds pretty simple, but it is one of the main steps a lot of homeowners miss the most. 

People are more concerned about how much the project will cost compared to whether the professional will install the system using the best practice and the best manufacturer guidelines available in the market today. It includes ridge vent installation, as well as materials like artificial underlayment. 

Depending on the roof shape, people may need various types of ventilation systems. Roofing can be pretty confusing, so this article put together a list of secret questions property owners need to ask contractors over the phone to help them choose the perfect firm for their needs, as well as help them save a lot of time along the way. 

By the way, people may be wondering why this list of questions people need to ask over the phone instead of in person. Experts suggest that property owners start their replacement process this way since we see a lot of younger homeowners making these mistakes time again as they prepare the roofing process of their homes. Make sure to use these questions for firms or professionals when hiring contractors. This type of job is a large project with tons of consequences if not done right.

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Mistakes a lot of homeowners make when getting job estimates

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Today, it is a lot easier to get contractors to visit a property. All homeowners need to do is put their name on a website and watch dozens of professionals compete for the job. For a lot of property owners, this is a good thing. Competition usually means a big win for consumers, right? 

We wish this were true, but the bad news is, this model does not favor homeowners in the process. As a matter of fact, getting tons of estimates makes choosing credible, reputable, and ethical professionals pretty hard since there are so many options to choose from. 

There is also too much information involved when it comes to the decision-making process. As a homeowner, information about this industry is simply too much to sift through. Remembering details like installer certifications and warranty length becomes almost impossible, and it is where people choose their contractors based on how much the process will cost.

How can people protect themselves from issues like information overload?

Experts suggest doing some pre-screening of contractors over the phone. It will help them big time, and if they read this article, they will know exactly what questions to ask so individuals can best save money, energy, and time as they prepare to get their roof repaired or replaced. Ensuring property owners that they have the right professionals for estimates comes down to some simple steps. Read this article to find out more.

Determine a professional’s credibility with simple questions

To know when to call a roofer or before considering the firm’s price, people need to make sure they are credible. It is beyond important when it comes to protecting yourself from getting scammed by bad installations. Although there are a lot of questions people can ask, we recommend using these questions during phone screenings.

Question #1: What is their legal business name?

Getting a firm’s legal business name is very important nowadays since it is pretty easy to represent yourself on the Internet falsely. A little research can go a long way in pursuit of hiring the perfect firm or a contractor that suits the job. Answers homeowners need to hear include:

The exact business name they are using when marketing their services

Their legal firm name listed in their registry license

Do not accept answers that sound doubtful, undecided, or unclear. It is the easiest way to help your guard against being defrauded or scammed. When in doubt, always ask for authentication or proof. No reputable firm should have problems emailing a copy of their proof of insurance or state licenses. 

Using these details, people can search the contractor in federal and state directories to make sure the business exists. If they do not appear in these search directories, there is a good chance that these firms are fly-by-night contractors who will steal people’s deposits or do some low-quality job using low-quality materials.

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Question #2: What level of insurance do they have?

Insurances can be pretty tricky, as some states may require various insurance levels depending on what kind of contractor companies are. In some states, roofing firms are required to have at least a million dollars in liability insurance to operate in the area legally. In some states, remodeling contractors are requiring half of that. To find out what level of insurance needs in the state you are living in or to know when to call a professional, check out your state’s insurance requirements on the Internet.

Question #3: Who will be on the site during the installation?

If a homeowner is hiring a reputable contractor, there is a good chance they may have more than one project going on in one day. But if the business owner is not going to be on the property during the installation process, who will be around to make sure that the project goes well and smoothly? 

Homeowners need not panic. A lot of reputable firms have project managers whose sole purpose is to make sure that the roof is installed in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and local laws. If the firm’s owner or manager will not be present during the installation, experienced project managers must be. 

This job is pretty complicated, so if nobody manages the job, a small issue can easily turn the project into a big mess. The questions mentioned above do not seem too hard-hitting. That is because they do not need to be. Always remember that these questions are for pre-screening.