July 22, 2024


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How Outdoor Pool Lighting Can Enhance Your Experience

A cool pool remodel is a great way to enjoy summer evenings with your spouse or friends. Adding custom outdoor lighting around your new pool build can enhance the experience in several ways. Besides better visibility and the ability to swim at any time, the lights surrounding your custom-designed pool offer safety and an enhanced swimming experience. Here are some tips to maximize your outdoor lighting.

Choosing Your Pool Lighting

You can use lighting to highlight features like walkways, paths, seating areas, and hot tubs. Illuminate different areas such as pathways, hot tubs, seating spots, fireplaces, and diving boards to create a focused look that accentuates what makes your pool special.

Installation Tips

Once you’ve identified the areas needing lighting, you’ll need to figure out how much light you need. The type of lighting and its brightness determine this. The spread of light depends on the lighting type and how the pool reflects light. LED lights with a 15-20 feet spread are a good choice. However, factors like pool shape and materials can affect the number of lights needed.

  1. Pool Shape: Irregularly shaped pools need careful light placement for both aesthetics and safety.
  2. Pool Materials: If your pool has darker interior materials with low reflection, you might need more lights for adequate brightness. Reflective pool materials make the pool interior brighter.

Hire a Professional

A professional will also have accurate information on the electrical aspects of lighting.

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