September 29, 2023


Love your Curiosity

What Will Electricity Be Like in the Future?

There are many developments currently being made for electricity. Here are some of the advancements that are being worked on:

Wireless Electricity: This is one very exciting idea…electricity without all the wires that clutter up your house! Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have already been successful with wireless power transfer experiments. Wireless electricity is not too far off, according to these successful experiments. Soon, you might be able to say goodbye to your wires and still provide power to your electrical appliances.

Electricity Will Come From Cleaner Sources: The energy that powers electricity will come from cleaner, renewable sources. The concerns for the environment are the major reasons for making a switch to cleaner sources of energy. Also, there is concern about running out of the energy sources that we are currently using.

More Consumer Control: Experts in the electricity industry predict that, in the future, your power supply will be more personalized. You will have control over the way that electricity is sent to your home, and might even be able to avoid paying for electricity during vacations when you are not at home. It is not known how far in the future this will happen, but more consumer control is one thing that experts are confidant will be introduced to the electricity industry.

More Electrical Gadgets: More and more things are becoming powered by electricity, such as cars and toothbrushes. Other things like shoes, clothes, or glasses might become electrical gadgets. Personally, I am not too sure how much I would like to have everything powered by electricity, but some people love their gadgets.

Power Will Be More Reliable: The advances in alternate power solutions promise to be more reliable with less power outages. If more things become powered by electricity, then more reliable power will probably be necessary. Either way, power with less interruptions would be a great advancement.