February 24, 2024


Love your Curiosity

Venus in the 2nd House

When the heavenly body known as Venus in your chart rests in the 2nd house, it is at its home. It is allowed to kick its feet up and live like a queen. Well, Venus lives like a queen in every house but does so the best here. The 2nd house is the house of self worth, wealth, and assets you gain on your own. It also rules one’s family and speech as well as in take of food and drink being that it represents one’s throat.

When Venus is in this house that it naturally rules, the native who has this placement naturally knows how to value the right things in life. They are the type of person to know quality when they see it. In other words if you have a fake watch or purse, they will spot it from a mile away. A native with this placement learns the most about how valuable they are within their relationships with others. It is not really hard for one with this placement to make any money unless Venus makes negative aspects to other planets. Their family may be filled with many talented individuals and it is artful and creative endeavors that are responsible for most of the money and wealth they come to in this lifetime. It is not uncommon to find people with this placement as successful singers or musicians. Venus in this house blesses the native with a very sensual and beautiful voice. Many famous voice over artists have this position in their charts. Natives with this placement may come into love relationships due to a connection made by a member of their family.

If you have this placement and are wondering why you are still single or you aren’t relating well to others then it is because you have not cultivated a proper sense of self worth. The sign on the 2nd house cusp determines the nature of how you express said self worth. For example if you’re second house cusp is Cancer and Venus is there, that means that when you FEEL valuable and FEEL worth everything in life that you want, you allow Venus to activate and she will start to attract that in your life. This applies towards wealth creation as well. This is the reason why all Taurus are love and money magnets. They naturally know they are super valuable and no one has to tell them.

In conclusion Venus in the 2nd house is a great place for it so be glad if it is in your chart.