June 21, 2024


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Stella Maris, Salvador – Homes In An Urban Location Close To The Beach

If you are looking for a great place to live in Salvador close to the airport, then Stella Maris is an excellent locality to own a home in. The neighborhood, which is next to Itapua and just minutes from the airport is home to a number of lovely wide and white-sand beaches. Real estate for sale in Stella Maris offers some great homes in an upscale neighborhood.

The beaches in Stella Maris are popular not only for their beauty, but also for their beach bars called ‘barracas’. These bars offer great seafood and you can enjoy dishes made from fresh fish, crab and lobster while sipping your drink.

Flamengo and Stella Maris with their good tourist infrastructure are the most popular beaches. They are frequented by tourists and the upper class local people. The sea here is usually rough, which makes it excellent for surfing.

Real Estate – Overview

Stella Maris Real Estate Real estate in Stella Maris consists of mostly houses, either standalone or as part of gated communities. You will also find apartments in condos with basic facilities.

Apartments are priced between R$250,000 to R$500,000 depending upon their size and location. Houses are available from R$150,000 for a one-bedroom house to R$1,500,000 for a four-suite mansion. An average house will cost about R$512,000.

Apartments In Stella Maris

In the locality you can expect most apartment buildings to be close to, or overlooking the beach. You may also get apartments with sea views. Duplex apartments are also available.

Size: The size of apartments ranges from 50 to 75 sq. meters (built-up area). You can expect one or two bedrooms or suites.

Here are some of the common facilities provided:

• Swimming pool.

• Parking.

• Barbecue.

• American style kitchen.

• 24 hours concierge service.

Houses Below R$300,000

Stella Maris House Most houses in Stella Maris are village style houses. In this range you can expect one or two-floor houses close to the beach.

Size: You can expect about 50 to 85 sq. meters of construction, which means up to two bedrooms with maybe one suite. Some houses may come fully furnished.


• Swimming pool.

• Garden.

• Kitchen and bedroom cabinets.

• Concierge (24 hours).

Houses Between R$300,000 And R$500,000

In this range you will get bigger houses on fairly large plots with sea views or in-town houses close to the famous beaches.

Size: You can expect four to five bedrooms with one or two suites. The constructed area will be between 100 and 350 sq. meters on plots of up to 550 sq. meters.

Facilities – Houses usually come with most of the following facilities:

• Swimming pool.

• Garage/Parking facility for multiple vehicles.

• Maid quarters.

• Caretaker.

• Barbecue area.

• Ballroom.

• Kennel.

Houses Above R$500,000

Stella Maris House Houses in this range are located in well-developed gated communities or condos. The location is usually the best, close to the beaches and other everyday conveniences like supermarkets and shopping facilities. You may also find houses on the seaside if you are willing to pay a price of about R$1,500,000.

Size: You are likely to get 150 to 350 sq. meters of construction on plots which can be as large as 600 sq. meters. You will get at least four bedrooms or suites.


• Large swimming pool.

• Garden.

• Multiple vehicle parking facility.

You can also expect the following features in some condos:

• Playground.

• Maid quarters.

• Concierge (round the clock).

• Barbecue area.

• Ballroom

• Sports courts.

Though Stella Maris is an upscale neighborhood, you will find some good village style houses in this locality. It is a great place to buy a house if you wish to move to a better neighborhood in Salvador or want to buy a new house away from the crowds of the city.

The proximity to the airport and some popular beaches with good tourist infrastructure makes these homes easy to rent. Real estate for sale in Stella Maris, Salvador offers some great options to all types of home buyers.