June 21, 2024


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RHONJ Jennifer Aydin Unveils Her Z Gallerie Home Makeover ‘After So Much Critiquing from the Fans’

Frank Frances for Z Gallerie

Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin spoke ā€” and she listened!

The Bravo reality star and stay-at-home mother of five recently enlisted Z Gallerie for a “serene glam” home makeover “because I was getting so much critiquing from the fans,” she tells PEOPLE.

“Z Gallerie did my foyer, my great room, and my kitchen. It’s fantastic!” she gushes. “I’m so happy with the outcome that I actually have another room that has now become a project.”

Showing off her grand foyer, Aydin, 44, says, “I feel like it’s very calming and inviting and it’s also cozy while being, I feel, a formal enough look to entertain in.”

Frank Frances for Z Gallerie Jennifer Aydin home’s before

Frank Frances for Z Gallerie Jennifer Aydin home’s after

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Looking back at when she first moved into her home, which holds a whopping 16 bathrooms, Aydin says the experience was “overwhelming.”

“Bill [her husband] loves ornate furniture. He’s from Turkey. He came here when he was 16 years old,” say Aydin, who joined the Housewives franchise in 2018. “So he loves that full-time Parisian, regal-type furniture. And I’m all about pleasing my husband.”

She also admits that she was out of her depths, so she was inclined to oblige. “When it comes to clothing, hair and makeup, I’m on fire. But when it comes to interior design, let’s just say, I know my limits. And I was trying to do what I thought he wanted, which is what happened when I went to China, and I really wasn’t happy with the outcome.”

Frank Frances for Z Gallerie Jennifer Aydin home’s before

Frank Frances for Z Gallerie Jennifer Aydin home’s after

As fans of the show will recall, Aydin boasted in her debut season about going to China to go furniture shop for her house, which she dubs the “Palace of Paramus.” “I went to Chinatown first and everything was really expensive, and I’m very practical at the end of the day,” Aydin explained on the show about why she flew to China to outfit her home.

At the time, her RHONJ costar Margaret Josephs didn’t hold back from voicing her distaste for Aydin’s ornate decor. “Do I believe Jennifer went all the way to China to get all that sā€” for her house? Of course I do. Where else would you buy that crap?” Josephs said.

Aydin now insists that she didn’t take Josephs’ comments personally: “I don’t dwell on things.”

“That’s her opinion. We
‘re all entitled to it, even if we’re wrong,” adds Aydin, smirking. “Have you seen how she’s decorating her house this season? Oh my God. Maybe you should call Z Gallerie up, honey, ’cause it makes me dizzy. I know it’s Missoni, it’s great, but Missoni belongs on a sweater, not on your walls unless you want it to get up and walk away from you. We both have our own style. I’m just trying to figure out mine. Hers, there’s no excuse for.”

Frank Frances for Z Gallerie Jennifer Aydin home’s before

Frank Frances for Z Gallerie Jennifer Aydin home’s after

Aydin can now say that her purchases from China weren’t “the right fit” for her lavish home.

“I really wanted to take my time before I decided which furniture company I wanted to go with,” she says. “That’s how we came to Z Gallerie, because I just think their furniture, their style is just so Hollywood glam. I love the fuzzy pillows and I love grays and whites. They’re neutral, its transitional colors. I figured, ‘Let me get neutral based couches and chairs. And then I can always change it up with pillows.'”

Another reason Aydin decided on Z Gallerie was the pricing.

“Z Gallerie is very affordable,” she says. “I didn’t want to be married to my furniture. I didn’t want to buy a $10,000 couch, and then it’s like, ‘You know what? I’m never getting rid of it, because I spend so much on it and we are going to make it work.’ I wanted something that if I do change my mind and I want to buy something new, then it’s not going to sting as bad.”

“Listen, I am a housewife in every sense of the word,” she adds. “And I don’t mean my TV personality. I am a stay-at-home mom. For me, practicality is better than something that looks beautiful. I need something that’s going to be good for my kids because I’m not so strict with them. I don’t like to cause situations where I’m constantly yelling at them. And if I have expensive furniture, I know it’s going to cause me to constantly be yelling at my kids.”