December 8, 2023


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Mum claims mouldy home is leaving her ‘coughing up black stuff’ and toddler son sick

A mother claims mould in her home is making her two-year-old son sick and she has been left coughing up black stuff.

Emily Pawson, from Leeds, says she has been forced to sleep on the sofa in the living room with her son Dylan as both their bedrooms have been affected by mould.

The 21-year-old claims she reported the issues to the estate agent, SBLiving in  Headingley, after she noticed a leak and mould in her son’s room in September and says the letting agency told her they would fix it within a week.

However, she alleges the mould began to spread throughout the toddler’s room and down the walls into her bedroom, causing them both to move into the living room by October, reports LeedsLive.

A spokesperson for SBLiving told LeedsLive that they have resolved problems “as quickly as we can” and the company will cover “any losses, including a fair refund of rent for any rooms which could not be used through the works”.

The mould in Emily’s home that she claims is making her and her son sick

Emily said the roof also had a leak of “brown and orange” water which went into the light fittings in her bedroom. This problem was also reported, but she claims no electrician was sent round.

She said: “I moved into the house and I’ve been living here since May this year. In September I noticed problems with my son’s bedroom, it wasn’t as bad as it is now. I reported it and they sent someone to come and look at the bedroom. They said it’d be fixed within a week.

“The full bedroom is full of mould. My ceiling is ready to collapse and now I’m living in the living room. It’s (the mould) coming into the living room and the landlord doesn’t want to pay for it to be fixed.

“I’m literally stuck here with a two-year-old.

“We were both coughing up black stuff. The doctors said it’s mould exposure. We got a full check-up.

“We were getting bad chest infections, I just thought nothing of it, I thought it was a bad cough until I told my dad about it and said just checked.

Emily says the mould has left her coughing up “black stuff”

“They (the doctors) said it’s mould exposure that can cause you to get bad chest infections.

“It’s ridiculous how they got us living. It’s proper horrible.”

Emily says she now has to replace all of her son’s toys, as the ones he has have been ruined by the mould in his bedroom just a week away from Christmas.

Speaking about how her boy has been left feeling about the situation, Emily added: “It’s depressing.

“He’s boisterous. He can’t go up the stairs and because his toys are ruined in his bedroom and my bedroom, he’s just facing the walls in the living room. It’s unfair on him.

“It’s a week before Christmas and everything is ruined. I have to use the money that I have to replace the Christmas presents, all the stuff got ruined.”

A spokesperson for SB Living said: “We have done our best while short of staff and with reduced availability of contractors due to Covid impact on our business, to attend to any problems as quickly as we can. All mould related problems should now fall away with the new roof being fitted as the house was ok before the leak – it has gas central heating, double glazing and EPC score of 58.

“This is a serious repair which has come at an unfortunate time and can happen to any landlord or tenant. We fully intend to ensure everything is fully put right as quickly as possible and will represent the tenant in recouping any losses including a fair refund of rent for any rooms which could not be used through the works.

“My hope is that we can rebuild our relationship with our tenant as soon as all the repairs are completed.”