December 8, 2023


Love your Curiosity

Make Your Driveway Look More Distinctive And Elegant Using Z Coloured Concrete Driveway

A driveway is one of the first things that you or the buyer notices whether you are in the market to buy homes or sell one. Having a grey or black driveway is now a boring concept. Move on and get your own coloured concrete driveway with various designs and patterns now available not only making your driveways beautiful and elegant but also stand out from your neighbours having your own unique coloured concrete driveway!

The various solutions that one can use for their coloured concrete driveway needs-

  1. Using Coloured Stencil Patterns

When renovating your driveway with coloured concrete, the use of coloured stencil patterns is one of the best ways to get your driveway a more sophisticated look on a budget.

This technique involves using a stencil pattern and colour hardener on a freshly poured concrete surface.

We use multiple patterns ranging from Bushrock, Cobblestone, Mudgee stone, Bedrock to Crocrock to name a few design headers and patterns.

  1. Oxide Add mix

This technique involves the use of adding coloured pigments/ oxides directly to your concrete before being poured.

Usually, the oxide/pigments are mixed with concrete when they are being loaded into the concrete truck thus given the pigments more time to mix with concrete before being poured on the driveway.

The main advantage of using an Oxide mix is that as it’s mixed with the complete concrete slab you need not worry about colour degeneration even on wear down or minor damages to your driveway.

  1.   Spray-On Concrete Resurfacing

This method is the best way forward if you are looking to remodel or refresh your plain, old driveway, patio or even decks.

They can also be applied over stencilled concrete, stamped concrete and various other porous surfaces to rejuvenate your existing colour patterns and design.

We also provide slip reduce textured finish if you want them to be sprayed on wet or slippery areas such as near the poolside or beside your garden hoe and adjacent areas.

Once you have your coloured concrete driveway ready, maintaining them is also very important for longer durability. Some major points to note down are-

  • Regular cleaning of our driveways to prevent dirt from being collected, avoid staining from leaves and other debris.
  • Check your driveways regularly for any oil or chemical spills. Cleaning them as soon as possible reduces the chance of damage to your driveway and also avoid personal injuries.
  • Washing your vehicles in your driveway is a simple no-no, especially for decorative concrete areas as the detergents used, can affect your decorative finish.
  • Having them properly washed and sealed by experts every two to three years will help increase the lifespan of your coloured concrete driveway.

There are different type of sealers available for your coloured concrete driveway. Nowadays the Coloured Tinted concrete sealers have become quite popular. Be it for the use in private property or commercial space. They also provide an extra decorative sheen for your driveways.

To Conclude-

Coloured Concrete Driveways may not be cheap as compared to asphalt or grey concrete but due to it’s higher durability, lower maintenance, better ability to manage heat, snow and heavier loads by providing greater aesthetic value, being distinctive at the same time it’s the best bet for your driveways, patio or decks. There are multiple driveway contractors now available. Hoping the above points help you choose the best one for your coloured concrete driveway needs.