April 17, 2024


Love your Curiosity

Landscape Water Features

The only limitation for creating landscape water features is your imagination. From a few aquatic plants in a clear water bowl on the deck to an in-ground pond complete with fish and a fountain, the possibilities are endless.

Landscape water features offer a sense of ambiance, style, and endless enjoyment. The serenity you’ll experience from the sights and sounds of your water features is incomparable, creating a peaceful pause in an otherwise busy world.

Landscape Water Features Designs

Water features may also be used to help divert runoff from your roof’s downspout from your home’s foundation. Let’s explore a few of the ways you can incorporate a landscape water feature, like pool waterfalls, into your landscape design. There are various kinds of water features available, you can find affordable New Orleans outdoor water features online. Below are some of the ways Drost Landscape has integrated unique water features into their designs.

When a water feature is part of your landscape design, it balances beauty and function. Create large or small ponds to attract wildlife or harness the beauty of a meandering stream or build a recreational space like a pool or spa that is framed by nature, but entirely human-made. 

Unlike garden beds, ponds and other water elements are not easily changed or moved. Think carefully about where you position such features, making sure you maximize their effect. You might like a simple rectangular pond close to the front entrance, for instance, or a raised water trough and fountain alongside an entertaining outdoor area to create a soothing backdrop to gatherings.

The sound of falling water is relaxing, as it blocks background noises and soothes the soul. The effect of falling water does not need to come from a large or complicated source. Waterfall designs can vary from small features, spilling water over a short edge to a babbling brook that transforms to magnificent waterfalls, plunging into a pool below.

Falling water can erode soil, causing erosion and damage to your landscape. Prevent this potential problem by diverting rainwater into a rain garden, or retaining ponds and nature take over from there.