Is AHS The Right Plan for You?

American Home Shield is the top choice for home warranty services in the USA. Read our AHS guide to find out if it’s the right choice for you or not.

Buying your own home is the ultimate American dream. You struggle your whole life trying to earn a decent living, sacrificing your own needs and wishes to provide for your family, spending years paying off home mortgages, and finally fulfilling this life-long dream. When you do so much to make this dream come true, you also have to make sure that you protect it.

Buying your first home comes with a responsibility—the responsibility to ensure that your property is safe and protected from anything that could potentially damage it. After buying your first home, the first thing you should do is sign up for a reliable home warranty plan.

When you scan through the home security market, you will find various options. American Home Shield warranty, also known as AHS warranty, will surely be one of them.

You will come across thousands of American Home Shield reviews claiming that this is one of the best American warranty plans out there. These American Home Shield warranty reviews may seem too good to be accurate, but they are!

Keep reading further as we present to you detailed American Home Shield home warranty reviews.

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American Home Shield Reviews – History & Background

American Shield has been serving the American home warranty industry for several decades since its inception in 1971. AHS home warranty was able to score a thriving clientele of thousands of homeowners and realtors.

AHS warranty established a strong position in the market as one of the American home warranty industry pioneers. AHS home warranty services are currently present in more than 45 US states, providing successful home warranty services to over 1.3 million customers.

American Shield is primarily famous for its affordable and versatile coverage plans and home warranty services in central US states.

American Home Shield Plans & Services

When you sign up for American home warranty plans, AHS gives you the option to choose monthly or annual installments. There are mainly three American Home Shield plans for homeowners to choose from. Moreover, you can also opt for a customized AHS home warranty plan from the AHS com website.

Regardless of which AHS home warranty plan you choose, a few services and facilities are covered in all the plans. This includes repair services for electronics and home appliances. To give you a better idea, we are sharing a list that outlines the common services offered by all AHS home warranty plans:

· Ductwork

· AC components

· Attic

· AC vents

· Bathroom fans

· Doorbells

· Heating systems

· Room fans

· Electrical lines

· Garage gate system

· Toilet system

· Plumbing pipes and water lines

· Valves/faucets

· Garage gate system

· Fuse panel

· Breaker box

· Water heating system

· Whirlpool tub

· Air filter discounts

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How to Get Started with American Shield Warranty?

After reading thousands of home warranty of America reviews, we will not be surprised if you wish to become an AHS home warranty customer. A vast clientele of over a million customers has been vouching for American Home Shield Plans. So, without further ado. Let’s get started and see one can join the AHS home warranty club.

First Step – Sign Up on AHS Com Website

The registration process of AHS home warranty is relatively simple. All you have to do is visit their website and go straight to the online sign-up form. You will be required to provide basic information and details like your name, contact information, residential address, zip code, etc. This step will only take a few minutes, and then you will become a verified customer.

You now have access to log in on your AHS dashboard, where you will find various features and functionalities. Now that you can enjoy the perks of becoming an AHS customer, it’s time for you to ‘evaluate their services’ quality further. The best way to do that is by calling an OHS professional to help resolve your home warranty issues.

You can request their services using two methods. The first method is to use the AHS come online dashboard. From this portal, you can file an online service request to move to the next step. The request form will ask for essential details like what problem you are facing. If it is related to an electric appliance, you will be asked to provide additional information like the brand and model number of the item.

The other method, and the more traditional one, is simply giving AHS a call to book your inspection appointment. Remember that you may have to pay an additional service fee for such one-off repair services, depending on the type of AHS plan you have selected.

Second Step – Choosing Your Contractor

When you come to AHS com, you will get connected to professional and experienced contractors who will act as your central point of contact from this point onwards.

AHS com has a plethora of experienced and professional contractors that are just one call away.

You can also pick a contractor or repair professional of your choice from the AHS com website. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the reliability and trustworthiness of the contractor. AHS home warranty ensures that all the contractors on their portal are gone through a stringent screening process to verify their skills, experience, and credibility.

Third Step – Experiencing AHS Service

It is now time to meet your selected contractor or repair professional and get a real taste of AHS home warranty services. The repair service expert will start with an in-depth examination of the damaged property or faulty appliance, depending on the problem you face.

After the examination, now the repair service expert will start the real work. In most cases, AHS home warranty provides on-site services, but if an appliance needs further inspection, it will be taken to the workstation to get properly repaired.

AHS home warranty aims to provide its customers with hassle-free home repair services that will lessen all the pain and add more convenience to their lives. This quality of service is what makes AHS home warranty service outshine its competitors.

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American Home Shield Reviews – Benefits of Choosing AHS

This section of the American Home Shield reviews focuses on the positives of choosing an American Home Shield warranty. Let’s do an in-depth review of how American Home Shield customers can take advantage of their services:

Benefit # 1 – AHS is Affordable

Your home is your most prized possession, so you need to look at cost-effective solutions when we talk about home security insurance plans. That’s where American Home Shield comes to play with their affordable warranty plans. American Home Shield not only offers you pocket-friendly insurance plans but also gives you the option to personalize the plan according to your needs and requirements.

You get to choose your own customized insurance plan that takes care of multiple home-related issues. Your customized plans can cover electric appliances, roof and plumbing repair, pool services, and so much more. What your plan covers is highly dependent on various factors like your location, plan pricing, etc.

Benefit # 2 – AHS Gets You Better Returns

When choosing a home warranty plan for your property, you need to consider your chances of returns on the chosen plan. Fortunately, with the American Home Shield warranty plan, you need not worry about profit margins.

Various American Home Shield reviews revealed an upper hand in the market with more than 40% share. With such a large profit share, you can be certain that AHS will garner great returns on your plan. Moreover, the AHS warranty offers immediate payments, so that’s another plus point to consider.

Benefit # 3 – AHS is Available in the Major US States

The American Home Shield is one of the most renowned home warranty service providers in the USA. Therefore, when anyone has to choose a home warranty plan, AHS is one name that stands out from the crowd as they are available all across the nation.

The American Home Shield is present in more than 45 US states, making it a top choice for various Americans. Moreover, since AHS also offers affordable pricing options in most US states, this also adds to their list of pros.

Benefit # 4 – AHS Has Excellent Contractors on Their Panel

A winning home warranty plan heavily relies on the quality of service offered by the company. While you may choose a plan that fits your budget, if your contractor services are not up to the mark, your whole experience is highly compromised.

That’s where AHS steps up with their professional and experienced contractors. Once you opt for their home warranty plan, an experienced contractor will contact you to provide valuable assistance.

Your AHS contractor will guide you when it comes to efficient decision-making that works in your best interests. In addition to this, the AHS warranty plan also gives you access to their top-notch customer care services. Their customer care members are readily available to answer all your concerns.

Benefit # 5 – AHS Offers Versatile Services

If you are still having doubts about whether to consider American Home Shield warranty plans or not, here is a reason that will convince you.

Your AHS plan will not only provide home warranty services but will also cover homeowner warranty services. This means that you pay the price for one warranty service and enjoy the benefits of two.

Now, if you want to sign up for an OHS plan, you can do that even with a homeowner insurance plan.

If you wish to enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits of being an American Shield customer, we have good news for you.

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American Home Shield Reviews – Drawbacks of Choosing AHS

Now that we have already discussed the benefits of opting for an AHS warranty plan,let’s look at the not-so-brighter side of the picture. There are some downsides to choosing AHS home warranty services. Let’s see what they are:

Drawback # 1 – Fraudsters Misusing the AHS Name

As American Home Shield is one of the most popular home warranty service providers in the nation, many fraudulent names are trying to leech off of them.

You have to be wary and extra vigilant about these fraudsters claiming to be working under the AHS warranty name. As a precautionary measure, you should always double-check a company’s authenticity by verifying their identity from the AHS helpline.

Drawback # 2 – Plan Clauses Can be Difficult to Understand

When it comes to making sense of coverage exclusions, many people seem to struggle with it. There are many technical aspects of a home warranty plan that an ordinary man cannot easily comprehend.

This is where American Home Shield customer support comes into the picture. If you have any trouble understanding the technicalities of your home warranty plan, an American Home Shield customer representative member will be there to assist you in such cases.

Drawback # 3 – AHS Does Not Provide Nationwide Coverage

Even though the American Home Shield warranty is available in more than 45 US states, it still does not provide nationwide coverage. This means that people living in the states where AHS home warranty is not available cannot enjoy their services.

American Home Shield warranty reviews show that they are one of the best home warranty service providers in the US.

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American Home Shield Plans & Pricing

AHS home warranty is all about making life easier for people. It offers different schemes of home services to people. These schemes are offered at three different price points to the customers. Each price has its uniqueness and can be upgraded with services of your own choice at an additional cost.

Below are the details regarding their offers:

ShieldSilver Plan

The guaranteed services are up to fourteen in this offer, including primary home systems mostly linked to plumbing and electrical systems. The standard option in the package includes main breaker, fuse boxes, water lines, bathrooms, HVAC units, water lines and bathrooms (including faucets, sinks, and toilets), circuit breakers, doorbells, whirlpools systems, and even fans.

It is the minimum coverage plan, but it is helpful to understand how all these warranties work in a preliminary plan.

ShieldGold Plan

This is an upgraded package version. It includes services and warranties that are not in the ShieldSilver. This medium-budget package includes the most used electrical systems and household appliances. This package includes nine extra items other than the previous package. The categories that are included in this particular package are as below:

· Kitchen (Fridge, Ovens, Dispensers, Garbage Disposal, Dishwashers)

· Plumbing (Faucets, Sinks, Toilets)

· Laundry (Washing Machines and Dryers)

· Heating and Cooling Units (Heaters, Vents, Ductwork, Air Conditioners)

· Electrical Components (Breakers, Fans, Circuits)

The coverage limit for Gold customers is way higher than the silver customers. The additional cost makes your life easier because none of the components are being missed in this package. It covers every corner of your house.

ShieldPlatinum Plan

This plan is what every homeowner dreams of. It is the best of the best plans. ShieldPlatinum is something that everyone would desire.

The home services warranties in this package include twenty-three main home systems. It covers a wide range from plumbing components, laundry room machines, kitchen basics, and to internal electrical lines.

Other than the mentioned services, it also includes and manages expenses for the following services:

· Roof leaks

· No-cost HVAC tuning and maintenance all year round

· Limitless A/C refrigerant maintenance and servicing

These extra services make this plan worth all the money that you pay for.

Bonus Plans: Electronics Protection Plan and 5 Add-Ons

The company’s motto is to serve the customer in the best possible way and for that matter, no stones are left unturned. The company offers extended offers to meet your household setup requirements. You need to choose one of the three plans mentioned earlier and add the below choices to the warranty to get a complete service household package.

The amazing add-on super six services include:

1. Luxury Plan for Pools and Spas

2. Roof Leak Coverage

3. Electronics Protection Plan

4. Well Pump Services

5. Guest House Services

6. Septic Pump Services

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American Home Shield Customer Service Reviews

In addition to providing the vastest coverage in terms of areas, they are also known for their excellent customer service. If you were to get feedback from every single person who has opted for American Home Shield, you would hardly find an unsatisfactory customer.

American Home Shield takes pride in the fact that their customer service cannot be beaten up. They promptly respond to customer queries and follow up frequently. They believe in listening to their customer in order to grow.

American Home Shield customer service allows them to ensure that a technician is always ready and can be quickly sent out for any coverage claim. Perhaps this is one of the primary reasons American Home Shield is every customer’s favorite.

American Home Shield does not only provide standard coverage options like most other companies. American Home Shield allows their customers to have as many options as possible. They also offer multiple electronics plans to choose from, depending on the price range.

American Home Shield Warranty Reviews – Customer Feedback

It has become essential now to look for customer reviews online before choosing to go for a particular company or brand. Customer reviews help one get an idea about the reliability of the particular company. Like most companies, American Home Shield gets a mix of reviews from the customers, but the bar always tips more towards the positive side.

Most customers seem to leave a good review after availing of any services from American Home Shield. Customers particularly seem to enjoy the fact that it is highly convenient to get major issues sorted with the help of just a few clicks. According to one of the customers’ reviews, he managed to get his AC appointment done with just three clicks.

American Home Shield does not shy away from boasting about their fantastic customer service, and genuine customer reviews also seem to validate it. When we were looking for customer reviews for American Home Shield, we barely found any reviews complaining about the delay in response. Customers love the fact that they get their queries promptly solved.

All the customers who had made any claims reported that a technician was sent to their places without delays. No customer ever claimed of getting their claims dismissed. However, a few incidents have been mentioned online about technicians who did not do a good job repairing an article. Albeit, this has more to with the training of individual technician rather than the company.

Customers also enjoy the fact that they get multiple coverage plans to pick from. Add-on options also give a greater degree of freedom for customers to customize their plans. This is something that no other company in the market offers. A lot of reviews also acknowledged the company offers a range of price-point options to choose from.

Based on all the reviews present online, it is safe to say that most customers receive satisfactory services from American Home Shield and even recommend it to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions about American Home Shield

Is American Home Shield an authentic name?

When it comes to authenticity and legitimacy, AHS home warranty is one name the stands out in the market. American Home Shield has established its place in the home warranty industry as one of the pioneers.

AHS has already celebrated its golden jubilee, and it continues to serve in almost 49 US states. Their contractor panel alone has over 17,000 experienced employees who have been offering world-class home warranty services to all clients and customers.

With their versatile service and affordable pricing plans, AHS warranty ranks as the top choice for a vast majority of US homeowners.

How to purchase an AHS home warranty plan?

If you are a new property owner or selling your existing property, your real estate advisor will inform you about the home warranty services popular in the area. As most real estate experts are registered, they get an added advantage for home warranty services. Like most companies, AHS also offers lower costs or discounts for realtors.

Apart from asking your realtor for home warranty services, there are various other options for how homeowners can purchase an AHS plan.

Both new and experienced property owners can directly access the AHS website to familiarize themselves with their services and pricing plans. The AHS website outlines all essential details regarding their pricing and coverage plans. Moreover, the website contains an online sample contract that homeowners can check out as a reference point. Keep in mind that these are just sample contracts, and the original contracts may vary.

In addition to this, online users can share their personal information like residential address, email address, phone number, and zip code, etc., on the AHS website and request a more customized contract and pricing.

Besides this, if you do not prefer the online route, you can always reach out to an American Home Shield customer support representative on call. Just keep in mind to have all essential details like your address, email id, zip, phone number, etc., ready with you before you call them so you can get a proper AHS home warranty quote.

What is the procedure for filing a claim when you are an AHS warranty customer?

Once you have successfully become an AHS home warranty customer, you have two options of filing a claim. The first and the more popular option is calling an AHS office or your designated contractor. Your contractor can guide you about the whole procedure and the necessary steps that you need to take.

The second option, which may be more convenient, is using their website to file a claim. You can file a claim through the AHS request service online portal.

What repair services does an AHS warranty claim cover?

AHS provides you with countless options when it comes to AHS warranty claims. Your AHS warranty claim provides you with multiple repair options, given that they do not exceed the allotted amount limit.

A basic rule of thumb when filing warranty claims is to keep your contractors informed. You must ensure that you notify AHS instantly as soon as you identify damages.

What service fee does American Shield charge for damage repairs?

As an AHS customer, you may still have to bear additional service charges for repairs like plumbing or electrical appliances. Typically, the standard service fee charged by AHS starts from $75, and it goes up to $125, depending on your requirement. You have to pay for these services upfront when you request them.

What about roof leakage coverage in AHS home warranty plans?

AHS home warranty provides roof leakage coverage. Keep in mind that the American Home Shield plan does not cover Hawaii.

American shield only insures $1500 in roof leakage fixes and repairs in all other locations.

Does AHS offer plans include coverage of previously affected items?

American Home Shield Home Warranty is a complete plan covering all conditions, whether new or previous ones. This means that if you have some faulty gadgets, appliances or home systems, AHS will consider everything.

Can you choose American Shield over Choice Home Warranty?

Like all home warranty service providers, AHS ropes in various benefits and valuable plans for its customers. American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty are both excellent choices.

Case in point, American Home Shield proffer a much more inclusive and thorough plan, whereas Choice Home Warranty is more pocket-friendly.

Choice Home Warranty has two plans, a comparatively cheaper $36 Basic Plan and a more costly ‘Total Plan’ of about $44 with much more coverage.On the flip side, AHS charges a little more than your average CHW coverage, costing around $40 to $58 monthly.

What is the go-to process for filing claims once you become an American Shield customer?

You can file an on online service request using the AHS web portal or simply give them a quick call. They will send in a repair expert to your place within 48 hours. The expert will take care of the situation and fix the issue on-site or take the appliance/item to their working site if it needs additional work. Once completely repaired or replaced, you will just have to pay the agreed service fee for the repair work.

I already have homeowners insurance; does that mean I should still acquire American Home Warranty?

Only the devastation caused to your house’s outer structure due to fires or freak accidents are insured under homeowners insurance. Your home gadgets and systems do not fall under this category. Hence, you cannot get them replaced by homeowners insurance only. This is why acquiring an AHS warranty is still recommended by the Home Warranty of America reviews.

Home Shield Home Warranty did not suit me. How can I cancel my plan?

According to American Home Shield reviews, you can cancel your Home Shield Home Warranty plan anytime, although it is ill recommended.

Your contract fees are fully reimbursed if you cancel the plan before the month is finished after subscribing. If you cancel your subscription after more than a month’s use, the fees will be reimbursed proportional to your use and coverage time.

Home Warranty concessions and Which are Offered by AHS Home Warranty?

AHS gives out American home warranty on many other brands such as KitchenAid and Whirlpool.

Representatives of the National Association of Realtors get a concession of $50. Apart from that, you get a free $25 Amazon gift card when you refer American Shield to a friend.

Last but definitely not least, you also get a concession of $50 per house smaller than 5000 sq. ft. is added to your personal American Home Shield plan.

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Final Thoughts – Is American Home Shield Worth It?

American Home Shield is one of the top-rated home warranty companies. This company was amongst the pioneers of the home warranty business. They were quick to earn themselves a good name in the market. They have managed to stay amongst the top companies for many decades. The American Home Shield company has kept up with the swiftly advancing times. This has always given them an edge over other countries.

What makes American Home Shield company stand out even more is that they provide all across the United States, including Hawaii. They are always an easy recommendation for anyone because they operate even in areas with zero competitors. American Home Shield undoubtedly emerges as the most popular option for people to avail of home warranty services. They are also amongst the most reliable companies that people choose to opt for.

We hope that all the information we have gathered here will help you make a better decision. We have reviewed all the services offered by American Home Shield company in detail and how they are better than their competitors. However, the choice remains with you whether you will choose American Home Shield or not.

If you wish to go with American Home Shield and feel like there are things that you still need to get answers for, you can easily reach out to them on the AHS com website.