April 20, 2024


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How Does Plumbing Work: Plumbing Basics

How Plumbing Works in an Apartment Building - Eyman Plumbing Heating & Air

Plumbing is needed in every home and any place where there is a supply of water. Toilets and kitchen are one of the most important parts of a home or building. This is where people can relax, and they can find comfort, but this will not be the case if there are leaks on the faucet or clogged on the restroom and sinks. That’s gross right? Plumbers are always there to fix these issues so the convenience can be brought back. As a person maybe learning How Does Plumbing Work: Plumbing Basics can come in handy if we encounter some minor issues in our kitchen or bathrooms. 

Before we start, maybe you have to answer the question on What is plumbing in your own understanding? Commonly people think plumbing is just about pipes and that’s all but no, it involves more than that. It involves valves, vents, traps, waterlines and drainage. 

What Are The Basics Of Plumbing?

When we talk about plumbing this involves gravity, water and pressure. Keeping the water in the pipe is important to avoid any inconveniences. There are two basic subsystems of  plumbing:

Brings Fresh Water In

Water entering the home is possible by having enough pressure to push it up to the pipes going to the kitchen, bathroom or your restroom on the upper part of your home. The main water source can be shut down by having a valve that controls the opening and closing of your water supply. Then each fixture has their own controller to keep the water in the pipes otherwise it can cause your home to flood. 

Takes Wastewater Out

Drainage system is responsible for keeping waste water out for your home. All pipes in the drainage system are downwards so wastewater can exit easily from your home, gravity pulls them out. Sewer systems work by having vents, traps and clean outs. Vents are placed on the roof of the house to allow air to enter the pipes to push wastewater out, without it water won’t flow out smoothly. Traps on the other hand are S shaped pipes that prevent wastewater from flowing back, traps are found under each sink and fixtures.  

This answers the question of How Does A Plumbing System Work? Without these two subsystems, the order in your home would not be good. Water is essential in making life convenient and clean. Having a system to let it in your home and let wastewater out is indeed a blessing. 

What Are The 3 Stages Of Plumbing?

Ground Work

In creating a plumbing system groundwork is done first especially for a new constructed house. Water lines and sewers are made and buried in the ground. Permits are needed for this work since it involves excavating the area where water lines would be placed. 

Rough in Plumbing 

Drains, pipes and fixtures will be placed during this stage of plumbing. It involves working inside and outside the house. Everything should be placed properly such as the shower fixture and faucets before sealing the walls, otherwise renovations will be needed. 

Finish Plumbing 

All fixtures should be installed and checked. Checking leaks and checking if everything works perfectly will be done on this stage. Making sure that all the things you installed are in place is part of the job of plumbers, they don’t want any bad thing to occur once they have the water running through the pipes. Otherwise, their work will not be of good quality. 

Understanding How Does Plumbing Work: Plumbing Basics can be good since every person uses  water and every home would have a drainage and plumbing system. Convenience is what people always want with having this system in their homes, so they will be able to live comfortably. Being aware of how it works will also be good, so they will be able to fix minor issues. However, for major issues it will still be wise to leave it to the experts. Contact Residential Drainage Contractor in New Orleans for your plumbing needs. They can surely assist you in whatever way they can. They have skilled workers who can make sure that every issue can be fixed properly, no one wants water leaking everywhere or worse having a clogged toilet when you are about to leave your home. Avoid those hassles and call your plumber immediately.