June 21, 2024


Love your Curiosity

Here’s a brief on how to re-design your dining space efficiently

Hasil gambar untuk Here’s a brief on how to re-design your dining space efficiently

Do you have frequent guests at your home? Are you looking forward to making them envious of your taste in décor?

Do you think a dining space needs only one thing to look good, and that is food? Well, we are here to help you out on this one.

Just as accessorizing your outfit pumps up the entire look, adding table covers makes a huge difference to the dining space, drawing in elegance while at the same time saving the table from the nicks and scratches of daily usage.

Hot vessels, stains, and spills- a wooden table cover literally ‘covers up’ for all that it has to bear, and gives a fresh clean look when you sit at the table.

How to choose a perfect wooden table cover?

Choose materials that would tolerate regular washes and colors that go with the cushions and curtains of the adjoining area. Also, it is good to incorporate a variety of geometries in deciding the shape; go for a round table cover for your square coffee tables, and see how it create a multi-layered effect.

Try syncing your home décor items with the materials that serve the purpose. So, while the table cover is adding to your dining or other tables, invest in a fancy mirror in the space.

Having a mirror in the dining area seems like an out-of-the-box idea, and well it surely is. But once it’s in place, watch how it creates an illusion of extra space even if the original area is crammed with crockery and cutlery.

Choose your mirror wisely. 

For a dining space, you would want a simple yet elegant, medium-sized mirror since the purpose it serves there is to merely accentuate the area, and not for proper usage.

Along with wooden table covers, choose a modern, or abstract shaped mirror design to fit in the dining hall. Decide on the mirror material as per the other items of the space- may be wooden, brass, or metal.

A decorative mirror with multiple drawers below can also be a good fit if you are willing to take it a notch further.

We offer you a huge collection of mirror designs and wooden table covers, and the best part is the chance to see our customer reviews to know what worked like magic, and what combinations didn’t do much good.

While wooden table covers will save your tables from soiling too quickly, the mirror effects will provide an aesthetic that you never knew could be assorted even in a dining space. 

And while food is probably the most attention-seeking part of a dining area, with these amazing décor items around, you and your guests are bound to appreciate the vibe of the space.