April 17, 2024


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Handmade Cushion Covers Ideas for Living Room This 2021

Plain old-fashioned cushion covers are out of trend. The interesting patterns and color combinations of cushion covers are indispensable in every home to create a pleasant atmosphere, while bright and colorful colors make the room a comfortable environment. The new cushion covers are actually made of pure cotton and silk. Some of the most popular top fabrics used in cushion covers can greatly change the style of your room. It can be used for patterns ranging from tribes to ethnic solid abstract flowers to geometric patterns making the handmade cushion cover immediately illuminates the space.

Let us see the biggest popular range of handmade cushion covers that are available at Yorkshire Fabric Shop  that are trending today.

  1. Shade of blues

Resurrecting blue at home in 2021 will absolutely set the mood in your living room. The stylish and calm navy shows off its own personality, as well as the blue cushions on the bright white sofa. The choice of velvet as a fabric to your blue handmade cushion also adds a bit of luxury.

  • Floral look

This is a style worth mentioning. The handmade cushions full of flower designs are refreshing and fresh all year round. Trends are constantly changing, but floral cushions can be used according to your mood or season and it doesn’t run out of style, it is always part on the list of trendy cushion cover designs. In a traditional environment, you can use some new styles to make them look great. One of the unique advantages of it is that you can add as many as you want without any problems.

  • Artistic look

As more and more companies hope to support small and medium-sized enterprises and focus on handmade products rather than mass-produced products, the trend of artworks and handicrafts will take the center stage this year. After success, this kind of style for your handmade cushion feels like sophisticated and elegant ambiance.

  • Various Patterns

The design and style of the handmade cushion cover you choose will bring the same feeling to your room. If you are not applying the pattern to the wall, it is best to apply it to your handmade cushions.

  • Autumn pattern- this will definitely give a new look to your entire space and show a gorgeous appearance.
  • Tribal prints- these are also patterns that cannot be ignored today. Use patterns that are classic and dark but sophisticated at the same time.
  • Green patterns- combination of shades of green over your pattern is very popular nowadays. This gives a cool atmosphere to your sofa.
  • Spots or stripes- this one never goes out of style. You can create pattern of stripes or spots and incorporating two complementing colors as your color combination for your handmade cushion.
  • Customized Cushions

Customized cushions are very popular these days, and the best part is that you can easily find so many varieties. From common photos to welcome messages; and even having your name woven on the handmade cushions. You want your idea, and you can even give it to someone you know. Or you can instantly make it your own. Having customized handmade cushion means giving identity to your cushions making it more look like who and what your personality is.

  • Various shapes

We all know those cushions that go in square shapes are the ideal and are still seen in every house today. But there is no wrong in making your handmade cushion a little bit unique. You can choose circular handmade cushion instead, rectangular for wider and bigger sofa or even in other shapes that can make your living room elegant. So far, the handmade cushions have traditionally been used only for square shapes, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t try another shape. It is a bit off the rig and introduces a unique, eye-friendly and eye-catching form. Thus, the latest approach is to buy handmade cushions of different sizes to form the same shape, but in sharp contrast.

            Before we end this, I’d like to remind you that fabric is something that cannot be ignored when it comes to upholstery especially your handmade cushions. You don’t have to spend too much to achieve the best handmade cushion you desire, Yorkshire Fabric Shop is my number one recommendation when it comes to handmade cushion. You can find many fabrics and textures that are perfect for your cushion.