December 4, 2023


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Gas Home Buyers Report

When buying a new home you want to be sure you don’t have any unexpected expensive bills to repair or replace the gas boiler and any other appliance.

A gas home buyers report would find any problems that may be waiting for the new owners.

When you buy a new home you engage a surveyor to carry out a survey of the property to ensure everything is as is should be, any problems found are then listed in the survey report.

Once you receive the report you can then discuss whether to carry on with the purchase or negotiate with the seller re any faults that may have been found.

Most surveyors when compiling your report may state that the heating is working but untested.

This normally means they have turned the heating on and everything starts to heat up.

That’s fine, but there could be a hidden problem that could costs you a lot of your hard earned cash to put right.

Most surveyors are not gas safe registered and by law cannot give you a full report on the state of the heating and any gas appliances within the property.

They can only test them by switching the appliances on to see if they work, but that’s it.

By having a gas home buyers report carried out this will reveal any hidden problems that may be waiting for the new owners.

The most important part of a gas home buyers report is Safety, you want to be sure that once you have moved into your new property you are safe.

So what is involved in a gas home buyers report?

First, a gas tightness test is carried out at the gas meter, this will reveal if any form of a gas leak is present. Once the test is complete a print out of the results printed off.

Now we start with the appliances

Lets first take a look at the boiler visually, does it comply with gas and building regulations.

Does the flue have any signs of corrosion, internally and externally?

Is the boiler in good working order and safe to use.

The gas rate of the boiler is checked to ensure the boiler is getting enough gas to burn correctly.

Undersized gas pipes are quite common on combination boilers.

A full flue flow test is carried out with a flue gas analyzer and the results printed off. This test will reveal if there are any combustion problems present.

Check to ensure that the correct ventilation is present and not obstructed.

Any faults found are recorded on a gas safe certificate and forwarded on with the gas home buyers report.

The type of boiler is it a high efficiency condensing boiler or an old style gas guzzler as well as the age of the boiler.

Check to ensure that the correct controls are fitted to control the boiler.

If there are any gas fires within the property these are checked over, again to ensure they are safe to use.

Gas fires seem to get overlooked and are never serviced, because of this the fire flues tend to get partly blocked overtime with objects falling down the flue.

A full flue test is carried out to ensure the flue is working and adequate for the gas fire.

if ventilation is required for the gas fire, check that it is of the correct size and not blocked off.

All other gas appliances are checked over to ensure they are working as they should and they have been fitted correctly to gas and building regulations.

At the end of the gas home buyers report another gas tightness test is carried out and the results printed off.

A full written report is then put together for the client detailing any problems found as well as the costs to put any problems right.

The report is then forwarded on to the client as well as the gas certificate and print offs.

This gas home buyers report applies to both LPG and naturals gas properties.

When buying your dream property you want everything to be right when you move in, that’s why you engage a surveyor to carry out a property report.

Do the right thing and have a gas home buyers report carried out.

Gas can be very dangerous if installed incorrectly, be safe with your new home move and have a Gas home buyers report carried out.