February 24, 2024


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Dream Interpretation: House

Symbolism of a House in a Dream

The house is a very, very common object in a dream. What does a house mean in a dream? The house has many meanings! Here is a dream I had as a young teen:

House and Tower Dream

I went through a house, climbing higher and higher. A man with a knife chased me the entire way. When I reached the topmost rooms, I realized I had to jump. The man and a gang of demons were pounding on the door to break through to me. As the wood began to splinter, I leapt through the glass, shattering it into hundreds of shards as I exited the room into the air. The man reached for me, but failed.

As I fell, I could see the house- now it was a tower. I fell, fell, fell. Hairy arms ending in sharp animal claws broke the glass to reach for me. They all missed. I was very surprised when I landed comfortably on the sand. I began to walk down a beach. Many people walked past me, or I passed their blanket on the beach. None seemed to know or understand my amazing trial, all the things that happened to me, and my great escape.

The Meaning of the House Dream

That dream was realized. It was my life. The anger of my stepfather, and the violence of my youth ended when my mother divorced him. He did pull a knife once, but, like in the dream, did not cut anyone with it. Later in life, I realized: nobody knows what ordeals other people survived. We are as normal as anyone else.

That home which became a tower represented the years of my youth. At first, I was free and loved. Later, home was like a prisoner’s tower. I did take a lot of beatings. But, my step father did some great things as well. I forgave him long ago!

The beach represents the remainder of my life. “Life is a beach” is a common phrase.

Christian Dream Interpretation of a House

I have heard the interpretation of many dreams from Christians involving a house as well. Interpretation belongs to God, after all. (Ask Daniel and Joseph.) The Christian interpretation of a house in a dream seems to be almost always prayer.

Prayer forms a barrier between the prayer warrior and the will of the enemy of God. I have seen a barbed wire fence in a dream. It was a wall of prayer.

I have seen stone fences which also represented prayer.

The walls of a house can represent the protecting prayers of a Christian.

Houses, Generally

Houses have multiple levels. Each of these represents a different aspect of a person. The ground floor represents daily, conscious life. This is the level of life we can plainly see. The attic represents the subconscious and sometimes it can represent an interaction with spiritual issues.


The basement stores things out of use, or which will be used at a future time. The basement, for most, was not an active part of the life plan (the ground floor). It is a place of storage, or a place to relax and recline (game room).

A dark, scary basement may represent repressed memories, something difficult to process or accept. Undesirable memories are stored in the basement.


Attics in a dream often represent the subconscious mind. Items here are stored for later use. They are available when necessary.

Third floor

Some dreamers report breaking through the attic to reach a third floor. This floor represents the spiritual life of the dreamer, not the attic. Note carefully the construction and any instantaneous thoughts about the construction, sturdiness, or strength of the third floor. This represents your spiritual life.

When I was a new Christian, I read many books and learned many things which which were New Age (demonic and broken). I dreamed during that time of finding a door at the edge of the attic. I passed through, climbed some stairs, and found myself in a third floor. The walls were mostly burned out on one side. The floor was new boards, nailed at odd angles. Plywood walls were also new. Everything was built haphazard and the fire damage left the roof and the missing wall completely open.

I could see a bright sun from there. Intense light caused me to turn my head and lift my arm to protect my eyes.

Because I was not responsible with my spiritual life, I had built a rickety, dangerous third floor. But, I could see the Son from there!

Rehash from the Basement up:

Basement: Things you don’t plan to use, or don’t want to use
Ground floor: Daily life, people, and concerns
Attic, things you use somewhat regularly
Third floor: spiritual life
Walls (Christian): Prayer

Remember: These usages are very common. But, the meaning in your dream could be anything. You have to pray about it. Here are some variations:

Dream Meaning New House: Something new is coming into your life. Perhaps your future holds a new life.

Dream Interpretation of a House on Fire: Something in your life requires immediate attention. It is rapidly destroying your life. Could this be less obvious? If there is a fire in your house, immediate action is necessary.

Dream of a Moving House: Your life is going somewhere. Perhaps you will move to a new place- and have a new house there. Some aspect of your life is in transition. Look for other details in the dream that may refine the interpretation and understanding.

Dream Interpretation- Flooding House: This most often represents the Judgment of God. Even Jungian interpreters have to pay close attention to this interpretation. In the history of God and His people, the flood of Noah was God’s judgment on the wickedness of mankind. Many dreams in recent years of tsunamis, or three tsunamis in rapid succession, are about judgment coming on the people of the world. And, judgment starts with the house of God. The symbol of a flood as judgment is now part of the “collective unconscious” in the idea of Jung (who really just translated a book on eastern mysticism- his own words). However, for those who pray, you might just be told by the Holy Spirit that flooding waters are judgment. If the waters are into your own household, what does that mean? It could be for just one member of the home. Or, it could mean the entire neighborhood or nation.


A house in a dream can mean many things, or be used to convey a wide variety of message. Most often, I expect, a house represents your life. However, sometimes a house is just a house.