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Common Roof Replacement Questions | Atlanta Roofing Specialists Inc.


Roof alternative data is not one thing the typical public genuinely keeps up with. It is not the most exciting matter for most and we comprehend individuals have thoughts. We can reply some of the extra widespread questions right here but if you assume it may possibly be time to substitute your roof, there is nothing at all better than calling your regional roof contractor, getting an estimate, and reviewing that estimate to get the precise, thorough answers you genuinely need to have!

1) How a lot does it expense to swap my roof?

There is no uncomplicated response to this problem as every residence is distinct. A bid from your contractor really should be based mostly on sq. footage, the pitch of roof, accessibility, variety of roofing materials necessary, whether its a 1 or 2+ story dwelling, removing of old roof (if necessary), roof or construction permits, city license, and labor. The average price to switch a roof could operate as little as $2.000 to upwards of $15,000, extra depending on the dimensions and style of the roof and the quality of the workmanship and resources.

2) How Do I Know It’s Time To Swap My Roof?

Parts of the roof that will need repairs are somewhat uncomplicated to determine. Identifying if a roof requirements substitution is a bit far more sophisticated. If your roof is leaking in multiple locations, you most most likely require a whole roof substitution. Roofs that have recognizable sag on 1 or additional sides are normally suffering from structural problems that will have to have a full alternative. If far more than a third of the shingles on the roof are destroyed, missing or protected with moss or algae, the roof really should be changed.

Age is one more issue that justifies thing to consider. If the roof is additional than fifteen or 20 a long time previous, it is almost certainly very best to replace it fairly than constantly patching or repairing it. Changing the roof when it even now has a little bit of lifetime left in it will assistance pace things together and can protect against further structural difficulties from arising.

3) Will my homeowner’s insurance plan cover a roof replacement?

Most of the time, insurance coverage does protect these kinds if factors but of program we simply cannot promise all do. Be positive to get in touch with your insurance coverage firm initially to establish if they demand use of their contractor network right before you go out on your possess. You roof contractor ought to be ready to support when the questions come up on why you are changing your roof.

If it is covered, find out the precise volume that the insurance enterprise will address and keep this in thoughts when dealing with roofing contractors.

If insurance doesn’t address it, possibilities this sort of as funding and financial loans are offered to some.

4) Can I install the new roof around the outdated a single?

Installing roofs devoid of eradicating the outdated roof isn’t a encouraged exercise as there can be many complications. in numerous locations there are rigorous restrictions on the variety of layers and other qualifiers that establish if it’s legal. Your regional roof contractor should really have obvious awareness of local guidelines and ordinances and give you appropriate suggestions as in some spots, this apply is banned, but even if you can technically do it, really should you? It’s always superior to tear the previous roof off fully.

5) How very long will it take to substitute my roof?

Changing a roof is a labor-intensive undertaking, depending on the form of roof, it could choose any place from a number of times to a few weeks. Weather and temperature modifications have an impact on the time as effectively. Wind, snow, rain, or even just the danger of 1 of these can sluggish the approach noticeably.
For designed-up roofs, eradicating and changing the roof will liekly proceed at a price of close to 1,500 square feet for every day. For one-ply roofs, the level is nearer to 2,000 to 4,000 square ft for each day. Very careful scheduling and shut venture administration can cut down some of the delays caused by lousy temperature.

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