April 17, 2024


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Buying a Table – Plain Or Modern

A glass table is a beautiful piece of furniture item for decorating your home. It is the place where family members sit and enjoy and spend their time. A glass table is available in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. The Tables can be made with several materials like glass, aluminum, wood, or fiber.


Glass furniture has a dazzling appearance. Nowadays, homeowners do not want to purchase tables made with plain glass. People also want attractive artworks and painting on the glass table surface. If you want to buy glass furniture, there are many diverse glass options by Standard Glass & Mirror you can choose from. Keeping in view people’s tastes, manufacturers have started making different shaped tables such as round, square, elliptical, and many more.


Choosing an appropriate size for the glass table is an important task. You should ascertain the size of the dining room or the business place, where you intend to keep the table. You should also determine the exact number of persons, including your family members, who might be using this table. If guests visit your house frequently, you should buy a medium or large-sized glass dining table to accommodate extra persons. A small sized dining table is suitable for a small family comprising four to six members.

The glass table frames are generally made out of wood. Many glass tables also have steel or iron frames. Glass dining tables with steel made frames are long-lasting. The durability of glass furniture also depends on other factors such as the thickness of glass, glass type, maintenance of the glass furniture, etc.


Glass furniture is a breakable item and can break down with improper maintenance. They can also get stains or scratches on the surface area if it is not cleaned with a proper cleaner. You should regularly clean the glass table’s surface in your dining room before or after the meal. 

There are numerous cleaners available in the market. You can buy an effective glass cleaner that can easily rub out the old stains visible on your dining furniture.

Glass furniture is not meant for just eating or drinking. You can study your office documents or use it for conversing with your friends or family members. You can purchase glass furniture according to the design of your dining room. A Diamond colored glass table is suitable for a place having white marble or tiles. The type of furniture kept in your house also reflects your fashion sense, i.e., ultramodern or traditional.

You can also put these glass tables and chairs at commercial locations such as restaurants & hotels. Restaurant owners generally keep several small-sized eating tables in the restaurants. Each restaurant’s furniture is maintained for use by a small group. In many office canteens, the dining table size is approximately 18 inches x 18 inches for accommodating a large group.

Nowadays, many furniture wholesalers have opted for selling their products online. Hence, buying dining furniture from these sellers is cheaper and more accessible. You can shop for quality and affordable furniture for the home or office use from an online store.