December 4, 2023


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Best ribs and steak recipes to devour with port and red wine jus!

Port and red wine are both very delicious drinks that are most often used in cooking. People who have a wine cooler freezer in their homes can easily store such drinks and use them in the kitchen at any moment. The best way to use both of these drinks for enhancing the flavour of cooked food is by making red wine and port jus.

Beef steaks and beef ribs are ideal for any dinner party, and there are various methods to prepare them. The following recipes reflect a wide range of culinary techniques and styles. Keep in mind that meats like beef are high in fat and that is why the recipes require a long cooking time to release that fat. The most common mistake made while cooking beef is allowing the draining fat to catch fire. This is when the meat starts to burn, so keep it low and gradual.

Now let’s take a look at some steak and beef ribs recipes with red wine and port jus!

Smoked beef ribs

This is the most straightforward way to make smoked beef ribs. These hearty bones require time to render their fat while maintaining a moderate temperature to keep the flesh soft.

Barbecued beef ribs

This recipe is for people who enjoy the earthy spiciness of chipotle peppers. These smoky ribs are a delectable delight, enhanced by the citrus-brown sugar ingredients in the barbecue sauce. When served with grilled potato wedges and barbecue beans these make a complete dinner.

Korean style beef ribs

Beef ribs are a staple in Korean cuisine. To keep all the flavour, these tender beef ribs are marinated and cooked quickly. The recipe instructs to put the short ribs on the grill in such a way that they fold out into long thin strips.

Beef ribs sticky

This is a simple recipe used for grilling wonderful, sticky beef ribs. Keep in mind that the secret to indirect grilling is to never expose the food to any direct heat. To ensure consistent cooking, flip the ribs every few minutes.

Pan-seared steak

This classic French bistro dish can be made with any type of steak, bone-in or boneless. This is a unique recipe and it tastes amazing even to those who don’t usually like steaks.

Ribeye steak with port jus and red wine sauce

Ribeye steaks with port and red wine reduction sauce are sure to make everyone happy at the dinner table. The purpose of reverse searing in this recipe is to make sure that the meat is juicy and properly cooked.

Slow-cooked beef steak

This slow-cooked beef steak is simmered in a lovely red wine sauce and port jus until it is so tender that you could eat it with a spoon! The braising liquid in this steak recipe is full of flavour and changes into a thick, rich gravy-like sauce when pureed.


Both, red wine and port, make a great combo when it comes to beef. The sauces prepared from these drinks add so much flavour and taste to the food that everyone ends up eating more than they need to.