July 22, 2024


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All you need to know about Astro, Amazon’s new home robot

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Amazon recently announced the launch of its new for home robot, Astro. With a price tag of $999 (just over Rs 74,000), the robot is expected to be available later in the year.

Here’s all you need to know about Amazon’s latest hardware product.

What is Astro? 

Astro is the home robot designed by Amazon to be used for home monitoring, eldercare and an improved Alexa experience. The robot is about the size of a small crate with a three-wheeled chassis to support a 10-inch touchscreen display on a 42-inch arm. The robot also comes with a camera that can be used for home monitoring and other purposes.

The robot is autonomous and can follow around a user without requiring any input. Astro also comes with a cubby that can be used to store items or move them from one room to another.

Astro also functions just like Amazon’s smart home device, Alexa. It can fetch details, look up information and connect to other smart devices in your home.

While the robot does not have arms or the ability to navigate stairs, it is expected to be used for home security, eldercare and an improved smart home experience.

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How to buy Astro?

With a price tag of $999, it is Amazon’s most expensive consumer product to date. But the robot is not going to be available in the market for everyone, at least in the initial phase.

Astro is a ‘Day 1 Edition’ product, where potential customers need to sign up if they’re interested in buying the robot and then complete the purchase upon receiving a pre-order link from Amazon.

Amazon is releasing the robot through its Day 1 Edition programme to assess the consumer’s attitude towards the product. A strong response in terms of pre-orders means that the product may do well, especially considering that the robot is on a discounted price within the programme.

“Astro will cost $1,449.99, but as part of the Day 1 Editions program, it will be available for an introductory price of $999.99 and include a free six-month trial of Ring Protect Pro,” read Amazon’s statement.

The wider release of Astro is expected to be later in the year. With Amazon continuing to focus on the home robot market, a successful launch will mean similar products in the near future. The company is using its considerable experience in using robots at its warehouses and fulfilment centres to design better products for consumers.

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