December 8, 2023


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63,000 Prestige Gas Boilers Recalled

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Triangle Tube has recalled 63,000 gas boilers sold under the brand name Prestige because flue gas can escape from the vent if it’s improperly installed. One death has been attributed to the fault and the company has received two reports of the vent tube separating from the boiler. The recall involves 22 Prestige models, which are listed in the recall notice from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to the recall notice, flue gas can escape from the gas boilers if the vent adapter is not securely reattached to the boiler after maintenance or repair. That can allow carbon monoxide to escape, posing a fatal risk.

The company is offering a free repair, but in the meantime, it recommends that anyone who owns one of the recalled boilers install a CO detector on every level of their home.

Consumer Reports does not test boilers, but we do ask our members about the reliability of the boilers they own. Triangle Tube earns a Poor rating for predicted reliability, the lowest score, and a Very Good rating for owner satisfaction, which reflects how likely a member is to recommend that brand.

Details of Triangle Tube Boiler Recall

The recall: The recall involves 22 models of the Prestige Solo and Excellence condensing gas boilers manufactured between November 2011 and October 2019 for residential and light commercial use. The wall-hung condensing gas boilers are housed in a white metal box. The name “Prestige” is printed on the white front panel. To determine whether you have an affected boiler, check the “how to” document at the Triangle Tube website (PDF).  

The risk: Flue gas can escape from the gas boilers if the vent adapter is not securely reattached to the boiler after maintenance or repair, posing a carbon monoxide poisoning hazard to consumers.

Incidents/injuries: The company has received one report of a death from carbon monoxide poisoning associated with the recalled boilers following a repair where the adapter was not reattached. The company has also received two other reports of vent tube adapters separating from the recalled boilers.

Where and when sold: Sold at wholesale distributors for between $3,400 and $9,700 and installed by independent contractors nationwide from November 2011 through July 2020.

The remedy: Consumers with recalled boilers should immediately contact Triangle Tube to schedule a free repair. Consumers who continue using the boilers while awaiting repair should have working carbon monoxide alarms on each level of their home, as well as outside of sleeping areas. Consumers who do not have a carbon monoxide alarm can contact Triangle Tube to have one shipped to them free of charge.

Contact info: For more information, call Triangle Tube toll-free at 877-574-5036 or go to the Product Recall page on the Triangle Tube website.

Report a defective product:
Call the CPSC hotline at 800-638-2772 or go to

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