June 20, 2024


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The Future is Bright For VoIP

The future of VoIP is about changing our lives, homes, and businesses. VoIP allows video conferencing and chat with digital TV. In conjunction with Fixed Mobile Convergence, dual mode phones are used to switch form wifi connections to a cellular tower. This reduces the cost of cellular bills by using fewer minutes on you cellular plan. Well, what minutes were used? There were not any minutes used because you were using VoIP via wif connection. 5linx has this dual mode phone in its exclusive Nokia N95.

VoIP will be integrated with blogs, ecommerce, social networking sites, eBay, and Facebook so visitors to these sites can click a link to do video conferencing. VoIP with multimedia will make it affordable to use multiple lines on one VoIP line. This will give families lines to use anytime and anywhere. Everyone in the family could have a unique line to make and receive calls with one VoIP line.

It will not be long before there is a cell phone that will be able to use video to see the person you are talking to. 5linx is specializing in this revolutionary idea that will change the way the world communicated. Soon people will be on their cell phone and looking at the person they are talking to. At the same time using VoIP via wireless connection at an unlimited rate for a very low price.

VoIP along with multimedia applications will soon change the way the world communicates. Landlines will be in the past and the internet will be in every home. Video phones will be used to communicate. Cellular phones will have video, homes will have multiple lines for family members. This is the reason telecommunications will make 24.1 Trillion dollars in the year 2011. Do you want to to position yourself in front of this technology?