June 21, 2024


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Proactive Insights on Mouse and Rat Infestation

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Quick Summary: Rats and mice are the top rodents that can invade your home. Most people take the assistance of rat poison to hope the best; however, the poison itself is fatal for children and pets. Therefore, local mouse and rat exterminator recommend taking the help of professionals who can neutralise the menace within a couple of hours.

The teeth of rodents like rats continue to grow, and they need to gnaw on hard substance. Plastic pipes, electrical wiring, insulation materials are some of the best substances that rodents start destroying over time. Pests and rodents like rats and mouse indeed create a lot of damage to your property. Many short circuits and fire are caused only due to rat infestation.

Additionally, these creatures also transmit several infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, Salmonella, Weil’s disease and even tapeworm. Rats and mouse can produce more than three offsprings a week. Likewise, rats contain allergens causing acute allergic reactions.

Rats and mouse are well known for the introduction of other pests such as ticks, fleas, mites which can further damage your property. 

Signs of Rat Growth

Rats and mice usually hide from humans. Here is the typical sign of rat problem in the home

  • Scratching noise is common when rats scurry around under the floor or walls
  • Rats leave droppings which are generally dark about 10-14mm long
  • Rats induce a strong ammonia-like smell
  • Teeth grow continuously which causes chewing through cables
  • Rats tear open food packets leaving teeth mark
  • Rats build nests in warm places, best for breeding 
  • These creatures dig burrows in compost heaps or under sheds

The Basics of Rodent Control

Rats and mice are undoubtedly nuisances. It not only transmits diseases but also causes mass damage to your material and property. Therefore, before it creates any menace, you should seek assistance by searching “mouse and rat exterminator near me β€œin Google. 

Meanwhile, you can run some basic tricks to eliminate further constraint. Make sure your food is tightly sealed in containers. Now you can put traps, glue pads or poison to get rid of rodents. Adopt the best cleanliness standard across the premises to keep pests and rodent out of the property including

  • Holes through AC copper pipes or electrical wires, AC duct openings, false ceiling areas, sinks, the drain line opening
  • Building cracks in the basement, unscreened ventilation holes in the loft areas
  • Broken glasses or ventilators
  • Holes around windows or doors

Keeping Infestation Away

Rats and mice are very common, and it should be your first priority to remove any infestation to secure your home. There are many ways to keep infestation away. One such is ultrasonic repellers that emit sound waves that are uncomfortable for rats but not audible to humans.

However, most local mouse and rat exterminator don’t recommend them as rodents quickly acclimatise to the sound. Also, it is not recommended to attract rats with food. On the other side, there are lots of DIY ways to deal with rat issues in low-risk areas. Most customer simply searches “rat control services near me” and learn the trick.

We do not recommend such unless you have good hand experience in working with the chemical. Moreover, you can always seek a professional’s help, in case the infestation is going out of your control. Additionally, if left untreated, the problem can become severe.

Professional Rat Control 

While DIY products can neutralize rat control to some extent, yet the issue will persist. If it’s a high-risk zone with established colonies with a repeated infestation, you should immediately call the experts. Rat control professionals include technicians who provide highly targeted treatment to deal with any sort of rat problems. The service includes

  • Contact

Contact us, and we’ll arrange a team of local mouse and rat exterminator 

  • Survey

Our team will go for a detailed survey and note down the routes 

  • Treatment

The well-trained team will apply innovative techniques using high-quality pest control products

  • Aftercare

Our team will take care of all queries and concerns including a pest awareness program 

Final Thought

Rat’s behaviour is complex, and pest controllers are very much acknowledged to treat them. The best way to sort out the issue of the infestation is to keep a clean and orderly environment. This cuts the potential growth of rodents like rats, mice, fleas, ticks and more. Still, if you find the growth out of control, don’t hesitate to search “rat exterminator near me” on the internet and book an appointment from experts.