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How to Install a Rain Shower Head

How to Install a Rain Shower Head

With all the unique showerheads accessible on the industry, it can turn out to be overpowering to choose the best one. However, a a lot more modern-day selection that has been gracing luxurious bogs is rain shower heads. These have a tendency to be much larger than the normal shower head, consisting of much more holes for h2o move and leaving you with considerably extra protection whilst you shower. So, if you’ve decided to give your shower an enhance by receiving a rain shower head, you’ve appear to the correct spot.

Discovering how to change a rain shower head is not hard but vital to do. In this report, we’ll tell you almost everything you require to know about how to install a rain shower head in the ceiling, as well as important factors you ought to be informed of regarding rain shower heads.

What is a Rainfall Shower Head?

Initially, if you’ve by no means read of these just before, you might be pondering what a rainfall shower head is, to begin with. These are some of the lots of options you have to choose from when it arrives time to improve your lavatory.

Usually, these shower heads are a great deal bigger than normal, coming in at 6 inches and over. This signifies you will have a whole lot much more water protection as you shower, producing you really feel warmer and far more relaxed when you shower. Rainfall showerheads can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted. Some of them are multi-operate, and other individuals even arrive with an added handheld shower head. The extra characteristics that you get with your rain shower head are up to you!

What to Search For

rain shower

Once you have determined that a rain shower head is the best option for your home rest room, it’s necessary to take into account some of the various standards that will go into building the right final decision for finding a new showerhead.

  • Wall-mounted vs. ceiling-mounted: Rain shower heads can be wall mount or ceiling mount. You might want to get hold of a plumber to see if your bathroom’s plumbing is suited for ceiling mount shower heads. If which is the circumstance, you can get just one that would have to have to be hooked up to a shower arm. If not, pick a wall mount rain shower head.
  • Size: As we explained prior to, rain shower heads have a tendency to differ from other forms owing to their sizing. They have a wider diameter than various styles of shower heads, enabling you to have more water coverage. Individuals like this option since these shower heads are far more relaxing and hotter in the cold winter season months. Having said that, you do want to take into account dimension, primarily if you have a smaller lavatory or tub. Rain shower heads tend to be involving 6 and 10 inches in diameter. Yet another cause you will need to consider the measurement is that rain shower heads function greater if there is a lot of h2o pressure. So, if your household doesn’t have that substantially h2o stress, you could need to opt for a more compact shower head.
  • Spray configurations: This is definitely a make any difference of private preference. If you like to customise your shower, acquiring a shower head with a number of spray settings is crucial. You can have a terrific, relaxing shower if you select one with several massage options, for instance. Some of the much more pricey selections incorporate spray settings these kinds of as therapeutic massage and mist. If spray settings aren’t your thing, even though, you can generally select a rain shower head that presents the bare bare minimum.
  • End: The following issue is also a matter of personal desire. If you want some thing that will be extended-long lasting and extra productive, then you might want to take into consideration receiving a rain shower head and shower arm that are produced of metal or brass. There are also rain shower heads designed of Ab muscles plastic, but these do not tend to be the most excellent high quality. Some folks favor to get a rain shower head that will go with the rest of the lavatory, but this isn’t much too significant. Just make positive that you come across a little something that will past you a lengthy time and do the position.

How to Install a Rain Shower Head

Rainfall Shower

Now that you know what you should really search for when finding a great rain shower head, it’s time to explore how you set up a rain shower head. Whether you are hunting to set up a single or you want to master how to substitute a rain shower head, these are the basic methods you will want to get.

To start with, you want to make certain you have an adjustable wrench, bucket, and plumbers tape. Ahead of you get started, a excellent rule of thumb is that you ought to make positive to convert off the water offer at residence in circumstance you accidentally flip the shower on.

  1. To start off, understand that showers have sizzling and chilly supply strains that occur to the command valve. Then, the h2o will appear up by way of the shower arm and out as a result of the head. Therefore, the shower arm and head are different.
  2. Get started by getting rid of the shower head you presently have. Even if you are switching to a rain shower head, this should not be far too complicated. You may want to use the adjustable wrench. It might be a great strategy to get your bucket in case you need to capture any water.
  3. Then, clear away the shower arm even though applying a fabric to protect these areas from harm by wrenches.
  4. Get your plumber’s tape and wrap it close to the threads to avoid leaks and so that the threads never unravel.
  5. Slide the ring that hides the gap in the wall, identified as the flange, over the shower arm. Then, make sure you set it in the drop-ear and tighten it utilizing your hand.
  6. Now it’s time to install the rain shower head. Possibly by using your hand or a wrench, put it on the shower arm and tighten it. You can now remove any further plumbers tape that’s exhibiting from the shower arm.
  7. The previous stage includes turning on your home’s h2o supply so you can see if there are any leaks.

These actions are not tricky to stick to, even if you’re not a professional. However, if everything seems bewildering to you, you may want to attain out to a plumber so that you never damage your rain shower head.

How to Put in a Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

Some people could like having a ceiling mount rain shower head, which will supply them with the final rain working experience. However, installing a ceiling rain shower head is a lot more difficult because you will have to eliminate a element of the wall, so you might want to have a expert put in this for you. This is also so that practically nothing comes about to your wall. But if you are confident in your qualities, here’s how to put in a ceiling-mounted rain shower head.

  1. Very first, you will have to have to acquire off the screws that are on the drop-ear. Then, get the drop-ear and pipe off. Subsequent, get the plastic pipe- PEX- put a crimp ring on to it whilst working with a crimp tool to get it on.
  2. Choose your drill and produce a hole in the top portion of your wall for the PEX.
  3. Get plumber’s tape to wrap close to the shower valve fitting. Then, you will want to take your PEX pipe and safe it in the gap you created and the valve. You may perhaps have to have to use a wrench to make confident that the pipe is tight.
  4. Employing a crimper, crimp this PEX pipe to a 90-diploma angle, then minimize a different one that will prolong in excess of the shower. You will want to make positive that there is a cross brace where the drop-ear elbow is. Then, safe the pipe on to the brace. You will also want to take clamps and put them on the pipes to reduce them from shaking.
  5. Get a capped pipe nipple and install it into the fall ear. Then, convert on your home’s water supply to see if there are any leaks.
  6. Now, you can shut the wall and ceiling. Retain the cap on the pipe nipple, and never put in the shower arm and rain shower head until eventually you’re carried out with the renovation. Then, you can put in the shower arm. The other measures required to put in the rain shower head to the pipe nipple are the identical as the wall mount shower head.

The moment all over again, undertaking a ceiling mount is substantially a lot more complicated and may well be better remaining in the arms of the professionals. Eradicating aspect of the wall can be tricky for some. You’ll also want to guarantee that your home’s plumbing is suitable for a ceiling mount rain shower head.

What to Know About Installing a Rain Shower Head

Rain Shower Head

Here are a couple of points that you should be aware of when you set up your rain shower head.

  • Do not be fearful to hire a skilled. Though we all like to help save cash the place we can, putting in a rain shower head can be difficult if you’re not a specialist. This is in particular correct if you want to install a ceiling-mounted shower head. Perhaps your bathroom doesn’t have the proper plumbing to accommodate the ceiling-mounted shower head. You may perhaps want to call in a qualified to get a second opinion and even enable you set up it.
  • Continue to keep all the items you removed. It could possibly also be a good idea to hold all the leftover items or that you eliminated when you are finished putting in the rain shower head. This is simply because you could possibly need to have to remodel or mend all over again in the foreseeable future, and owning those people parts on hand will unquestionably assist help save you from a headache.
  • Are There Twin Shower Heads? Dual shower heads may perhaps or may possibly not have to have more steps to install. Read through our short article about how to install twin shower heads.
  • Continue to keep an eye out for leaks. One of the most important factors you need to have to do when setting up the rain shower head is to verify for leaks. Make positive that drinking water is not leaking any where when you change it on yet again. If you find that drinking water is leaking from someplace, you may well have to have to add additional plumbers tape, reconnect the showerhead, and tighten it with the adjustable wrench. See if the tape is sticking out, and if it is, you will want to redo the tape the right way. If all of these options are set up precisely as they should really be, it may be time to substitute the shower arm considering the fact that this could be a sign of destruction or dress in.
  • Have an understanding of that even bigger does not constantly imply better. For instance, you could possibly experience intrigued by its attract with a rain shower head given that these shower heads do present a ton of drinking water coverage. But keep in head that a even bigger shower head will involve additional water, which signifies that you might not get a lot of drinking water stress when you shower. So if you’re a person who prefers to have really a bit of h2o strain when showering, you may perhaps want to look at having a rain shower head that is smaller in size, and that has much less nozzles.
  • How significant to install a rain shower head? And lastly, it’s important to look at the shower head height when putting in. You need to make absolutely sure that your shower’s ceiling is significant more than enough if you want to have a ceiling-mounted rain shower head. There must be about a foot clearance from the ceiling to the showerhead. A very good rule of thumb is to place it 3 inches earlier mentioned the person’s head. Of class, this all depends on how tall the person is, but you are going to even now want to make certain that the particular person can get underneath the shower head comfortably. Test out shower heads for tall men and women.


If you are someone who likes to have deluxe showers, you’ve most likely read of rain shower heads and dream of obtaining one particular. There are many items to take into account when acquiring a rain shower head, on the other hand, and they could not be the most effective choices for some bogs. Dependent on regardless of whether you want a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted shower head, your bathroom’s plumbing established up will participate in a large purpose. But if you do pick to get a single of these shower heads, you are undoubtedly not likely to regret your selection soon after a enjoyable and warm shower.

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