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Happy Home Paradise Guide – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

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Happy Home Paradise is the first and potentially only purchasable DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With it comes a slew of new home design features, items, special currency, and actions exclusive to the DLC. Learn all about designing vacations homes, the Paradise Planning Team, and more with this guide. Happy Home Paradise DLC is available now, as it released on November 5, 2021.


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Happy Home Paradise brings partitions, soundscapes, pillars, and many other new design options. Below you’ll find a list of new design features, helpful how-to guides that will make unlocking these features easier, and more. Now you can design to your heart’s content!

Check out these pages for more details on what’s available in the 2.0 update:


It seems all players start with Eloise, the yellow elephant villager who wants a relaxing reading room. It can be a little confusing to learn all the controls in Design Mode, so this page walks you step-by-step through decorating your first house, and points out important requirements like using the villager’s must-have furniture.

The Happy Home Network App is used to share and view vacation home designs, as well as Facility designs with players all over the world. Learn more about the Happy Home Network App by clicking the link below.


The Paradise Planning team runs more than just a vacation rental renovation service—they sell special furniture too! Learn more about the special and rare furniture, as well as the official currency, Poki, by clicking the links below.

As you progress as a designer on Lottie’s Paradise Planning team, you’ll not only unlock new furniture but you’ll also be able to make additional recommendations to your clients. Among the list of recommendations is the ability to suggest that two clients become roommates.

Learn more on roommates and how to unlock them in our complete guide below.


Many new features are being added in the paid DLC content, including designing facilities! Players will be able to create hospitals, schools, restaurants, and more on Lottie’s island in the archipelago. You’ll unlock the ability to design these facilities as you progress through the content and help more clients.

Check out the Designing Facilities page below to learn more, or choose one of these related, helpful how-to guides!

Some features are unlocked as you progress through the game, so you might be wondering how to get them, or how to accomplish specific tasks. Our list of helpful how-to guides cover most of the items, features and tasks you’ll want to tackle, so use them to your advantage!