July 22, 2024


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Buying a Cyprus Holiday Home Or Villa is Easy

Buying a Cyprus holiday home or villa is a great investment and with a sluggish UK property market many people are looking at international markets and Cyprus property for sale has much to offer. Some first-time buyers are purchasing abroad so they can get on the property ladder as it is impossible at home, and if you buy off-plan and then when completed, rent the property out part-time you can afford it and have a holiday home and investment at the same time!

Cyprus is often voted one of the most desirable EU countries to reside; at the Homebuyer and Property Investor show it was voted the best place to retire based on low taxation, low property prices, no inheritance or wealth tax, ease of gaining residency, healthcare, climate and culture and all these categories are applicable to non-pensioners. Cyprus property for sale has different locations many options for anyone looking at buying a Cyprus holiday home or villa.

Cyprus in a villa has a lot to offer whether you are looking at buying a Cyprus holiday home or a villa to relocate permanently. One of the best things about being here is you are never far from either the sea or the mountains and Cyprus property for sale is available in every location. When you get fed up with one you can easily travel to the other. Imagine sitting on the veranda of a taverna in the hills or coast under the shade of the grapevines having a meal that will cost you the same or less than fast-food in the UK, there is no rush to move you on so the table can be used again and there is often a drink or fruit at the end of the meal ‘on the house’ to show appreciation of your custom.

For anyone buying a Cyprus holiday home or villa for rental income there are lots of property management companies who will take the responsibility of all or some of the work involved from taking the bookings right through to changing the linen. Cyprus in a villa is a popular holiday choice as more tourists prefer to book their own flights and accommodation rather than go on the package holidays of old. The freedom that your own front door offers is brilliant and of course the weather and climate makes the island a magnet for sun worshippers and a villa with a pool makes a family holiday with children a pleasure as they will play all day if you let them!! The Cypriots love children and they are welcomed in restaurants and tavernas and often given an extra treat by the staff.

Looking at Cyprus property for sale can be daunting and it is essential that you do your research and homework. A great comfort to those who come to buy is that the legal & banking systems are based on their British counterparts and therefore many of the procedures are familiar which makes buying a Cyprus holiday home or villa comfortable.

Buying a Cyprus holiday home or villa will give you a home from home – no more packing beach towels or all those bulky things, you just leave them there (along with your summer clothes that you hardly use at home) and with the advent of the low fare airlines that are coming to Cyprus you can hop on a plane with your hand luggage, no waiting at baggage claim and you will be in Cyprus in a villa before you know it!